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  • Brooke V. says:

    In the last few weeks I have taken both of my older girls to Hines Little Smiles. They are awesome! Not only are my girls no longer nervous about the dentist, they already are asking me when they get to go again. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know with children! Thanks!

  • Tammy W. says:

    My 3 year old son, who freaks out about EVERYTHING and hates his mouth being looked in, let alone touched, had his first dental appointment today with Dr Anderson. They made him feel so welcomed and comfortable that he sat through the entire process without even a flinch. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and amazing with both of my kids (3 and 6)! I will never take my kids anywhere else, and will recommend Hines to everyone I know with kids!!! Thank you all sooooo much!

  • Megan W. says:

    We just had our first experience with Hines and couldn’t be more pleased. My son (3) was very unsure of the process but the staff was extremely patient and understanding. He had a successful visit and i am sure next time he will not hesitate so much! Thank you so much for what you do!

  • C. Moran says:

    I brought my 3 year old to Hines Little Smiles for his first dentist appointment. They were everything I had hoped they would be! They were very child-oriented & made my son feel comfortable & special. It was a fantastic first dental visit & we will definately be returning for many more dental visits to come! Thanks Hines Little Smiles!

  • Ashley Peck says:

    Thank goodness I got a second opinion after visiting Hines Little Smiles- This past summer my son was seen and the main dentist informed us that at the time my 4 year old would need to be put to sleep and have 7 silver crowns put in!!! Being a parent that has taken very good care of her sons teeth I was devistated and felt like a failure of a mother. Telling very few people what we had to have done they said I should seek a second opinion, after doing so I found out he needed 1 crown- not 7,only one!! I don’t know what kind of practice would put children through surgery and being put under to have their teeth worked on that was unnessisary- I don’t know how they sleep at night- and I am SO happy I had a second opinion. If I were someone and they told you your child needs extensive work done, go get that second opinion!!!

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