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The Relationship Between Your Family’s Oral And Overall Health

MODERN SCIENCE IS LEARNING MORE and more about the way that your kid’s oral health links to their overall health. In fact, 90% of systemic diseases can have an oral manifestation! Your child’s mouth is loaded with helpful information about their body’s overall health—from vitamin deficiencies to potentially serious situations.


If your child has worn-down teeth it can mean that they’ve been grinding their teeth—probably during sleep. Night-grinding is really common in children, and it can be a symptom of TMD (temporomandibular disorder) which may also lead to chronic headaches.


Kids can get gum disease, just like adults. Usually, good oral hygiene will prevent it. But if it persists, even when you’re taking really good care of your mouth, it could be an early sign of something serious like diabetes or leukemia. Sometimes it may simply be a sign of vitamin C deficiency. But, it’s good to consider all the possibilities.

In addition, modern research and many health experts continue to draw lines between gum disease and other whole-body health issues including lung disease, cardiovascular problems, and even early-term labor. So make sure that both your kids and you are taking good care your gums by flossing.

Nutritional Imbalances

Nutritional deficiencies are often reflected in your mouth where the soft tissues are renewed quickly. An Academy of General Dentistry study shows that oral tissue sensitivity can be a sign of deficiencies in iron, zinc, and folic acid which can show up as gum disease.

An Interesting Report From CBS News

Questions About Your Family’s Oral Or Overall Health? 

First of all, don’t skip your doctor appointments! That’s not the point of this post! But remember that your child’s regular dental checkups are more important than ever. And establishing good early habits and views towards dentistry is a great way to keep your child healthy throughout their lifetime.

Here at our practice, we’re so grateful for your trust. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your oral health, or your family’s, please ask us.

Thanks for being our valued patient. We love what we do because of you!


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